Results Released by Singapore Polytechnics for Chinese Students

August 25, 2007 · Posted in Anything 

Downtown of Nanjing

As I have just started this blog site not long ago, I did not mention anything that happen previously. A few months ago in June, I took up a project assignment in China – for students who are applying for the Entrance Test into Singapore Polytechnics, as well as Nanyang Polytechnics. The course (project) ended last month (end of July), and the results are anticipated to be released sometime this month.

Just today, I have received news that the results have been released by the Singapore Polytechnics and it is on its way to the agency in China. The students are rather excited and hoping that the results are favourable for them. What’s troubling me is that the result only comprised of either Pass or Fail. No exact mark is given. Anyway, fingers crossed, hope that all, if not, most of them are able to pass the test and make it to Singapore.

Apparently it seems that the result from Nanyang Polytechnic will not be released so soon. So, that will have to wait. As for Singapore Polytechnics, there have already been some news that only the passing rate is only 25%. Huh? How can it be possible? From words of mouth, I was informed by several students that the examination is relatively easy, and there should have no problem securing good grades for both Science and Mathematics (I can’t say much for English, as English is a subject that can be really tricky). Therefore, I cannot foresee where the problem really lies. The only conclusion that I can draw is probably that the number of students that are allowed is about 100 out of all just over 400 students who participated in the Entrance Test; and which might probably be the reason that only 25% of the participants from each Training School (or Training Centre) is selected to pass the Test. The selection is of course based on the top 25% best-performing students. Unfortunately, the selection procedure, or rather the marks, are not available, thus making the system obscured from public eyes. Nonetheless, I will have to wait and see who makes it and who don’t.

More information pertaining to the result released will be updated in this post. So keep an eye here!

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