Rush Hour 3 – Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker

August 23, 2007 · Posted in Films 

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

Rush Hour 3

I went to catch a movie – Rush Hour 3 – last night, starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in this third episode of Rush Hour. Frankly speaking, I have not watched the first two episodes, but I can understand why fans are quite happy to catch this third episode, as it seems to have top the US box office. I have heard of news over The Straits Times that this movie did not fare well in Hong Kong, and definitely not in China. Nonetheless, I decided to give myself a break and go for a short laughter.

In this third part, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker found themselves in Paris battling a Chinese criminal organisation. The set-up sounds very exaggerated; and the plot was rather shallow. However, audience does get occasional roars of laughters throughout the show, together with some action packs starring Jackie Chan’s kung fu fighting scene.

Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker

Unlike the previous film which I have talked about, Rush Hour 3 is more of a comedy. The ending looks very unconvincing, but I cannot fault that too much. The only disillusion was that the lady, who was supposed to be part of the baddies, is alive and not dead (at one point, he tried to kill Chris Tucker).

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Comments and Recommendations? Here you go.


  • Recommendation 6/10 – I am not an avid movie-goer. If I do not give such a high rating, despite it broke the U.S. box office in the first week, it simply means it’s not going to attract any other people, except for those who enjoy dry jokes, and not about story line.
  • Comedy – Lots of them. You will see no less especially with Chris Tucker being one of the main cast.
  • Scene Analysis – Lack of strong storyline. It began with the Chinese leader being killed “so easily” and with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker having to crack down on the Chinese ringleader. Another weird character who played the role of the daughter assassinated Chinese leader, she does not seem to have much impact on the film, and makes her looks really daft.
  • Actions – Sword-sparing, fist-punching, weapons including fans with hidden knives, and even parachuting down the Eiffel Tower using the French flag. Sounds hilarious at times, but looks impractical.
  • Ending – Funny ending, or should I say weird. Some part seems unclear to me, especially the killer French girl. She’s still alive – so what does that mean?

Well, whether should you be emptying your wallet to catch this show, I guess not. However, if you have money to spare, it is also nice to catch this show for a quality laughter. I admit this show does not get my thumbs-up, as I would expect Jackie Chan to produce much more quality films than this. Perhaps, it could just be all the American’s Hollywood style show.

The Rush Hour 3 Preview is attached below. Check it out!

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