Ryanair Flight to Dublin

October 26, 2008 · Posted in Thesis 

Time-capsule post: Am I still following my itinerary? Hopes so…

It is about time to board RyanAir, the UK Budget airline, to Dublin. RyanAir is similar to TigerAir in Asia, as both was managed by the same director, when the latter was launched in Asia. Anyway, the flight is a one-hour journey that takes me across the sea to Ireland.

The next thing I knew is I have already landed in Dublin airport. The airport is not fantastic, and particularly crowded. Thus, finding food for lunch is not an easy feat. But, that’s probably the best thing to do at the moment, before going to the apartment that I have booked for the next couple of days. Oh, I have not mentioned, it’s not going to be a B&B or hotel. I found something nice – Harcourt Hotel – which also provides serviced apartments. Hope that it lives up to my expectation.

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