Samsung D880 – Dual Sim Feature

October 5, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

With the deteriorating condition of my current personal mobile phones, I am keeping a lookout for an alternative (better) phones. I am not a die-hard gadget fan, always wanting to lay my hands on the latest model; in fact, I am more down to earth as I use my mobile phone mainly for calls, sms, music and perhaps as an alarm clock. Basically, that’s about it. I don’t even go any further towards using 3.5G technology or surfing the net with Blackberry. What I learnt from my past experiences is that a mobile phone, for me, is simply used to make calls.

It follows from here that the next possible mobile phone that I wanted to get was probably going to be slightly better than what I have now, but not too fantastic. However, it was until one day that my colleague introduced me this particular mobile know – Samsung D880. What is so special about this mobile phone? What makes this phone stands out is one very special feature – that no other mobile phones in the market has; that is, having a dual sim card support.

Okay, there were past instances where a mobile phone can be modded to utilise 2 sim cards at the same time, but this time it is very different. In the past, only 1 of the 2 sim cards can be active at any instance, but not 2 simultaneously. For this Samsung D880, both sim cards can be active and handle calls simultaneously; which is particularly good for people who owns multiple sim cards for various purposes! Some of you may wonder why is there a need to have multiple sim cards.

For example, people who travelled abroard can hold one sim card from his own country, and get another sim card from the other country. Since making calls in a foreign country is cheaper using their local telco card, it definitely makes sense to do so. Meanwhile, he or she may still want to keep the original sim card active (via autoroaming), so that there could be urgent case that can be attended to, whenever necessary.

Whilst I may be eyeing on this mobile phone since this week, it does not come cheap. Costing about S$600 (approximately €300) from an retailer, the price definitely meets its capability. How long will I resist buying this phone, it depends very much on my desire and the ability to lower the selling price. At that amount, it does not seem viable for a Samsung phone, but I guess because of its special capability that no other phones (apart from Samsung D780) in the market can provide, the price remains at its peak. I’ve gone to another Telco shop to check out myself and I found that other features remain pretty common, such as media player, files, bluetooth, camera, etc. Nothing spectacular. I need a little more consideration, but I guess this could be a good buy for those who kept using 2 mobile phones.

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