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August 27, 2007 · Posted in Anything 

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Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) is founded in 1972, and currently stands as the world’s largest business software company and the world’s third largest independent software provider. The multi-national company (MNC) is a recognised leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries and for every major market in the world. Up to date, it is serving more than 41,200 customers worldwide, and it is continuously growing at a remarkable rate. With more than 39,300 employees located in more than 50 countries, SAP is dedicated to provide customer with the highest level of customer service and support.

SAP‘s headquarters is located in Walldorf, Germany. In addition, SAP is listed on several exchanges, including the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol “SAP“.

The operation of SAP Singapore begun in 1989, with its Asia Pacific headquarters also based in Singapore. Other APA offices are located in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. Some of the major customers include, but not limited to, Jurong Town Corporation, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Power, Singapore Press Holdings and Singapore Telecoms. Other customers also include Accord Express, Amtek Engineering, City Developments Limited, Coffee Club and Venture Manufacturing.

The renowned software application, known as SAP NetWeaver™ platform, is used to drive business innovation and enable business change; another service, SAP™ Business Suite solutions offers to improve customer relationships, enhance partner collaboration and create efficiencies across their supply chains and business operations. SAP industry solutions support the unique business processes of more than 25 industry segments, including high tech, retail, public sector and financial services.

Fueled by ecosystem activities, major companies, including SAP, are developing enterprise services for over 25 industry segments, including banking, chemicals, consumer products, high tech, public sector, and retail. These enterprise services are available for use through the SAP NetWeaver platform, enabling companies to successfully address two fundamental IT challenges:

  • Accelerate business innovation and respond to changing business needs with a flexible, enterprise services-based platform.
  • Dramatically reduce the costs of building new business processes through the reuse of existing functionality

Companies can achieve the cost-effective, flexible IT landscape with increasing business demands with SAP.

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