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Secret – Jay Chou Production

August 19, 2007 · Posted in Films 

SECRET (2007)
(Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi)

Secret Poster Jay Chou

I was thinking of catching Rush Hour 3 tonight, but eventually ended up watching Secret, a Jay Chou production. I was never a fan of love story and furthermore, not a Jay Chou fan as well. Although this may not have broken the Hollywood Box Office, but I can tell you that this show is definitely worth watching!

Chinese Translation of Secret

It is 2am in the morning now and I know I should be sleeping, but I am excited with the setup of the film, that I could not simply let it go unnoticed. It all started in my mind that it is going to be another love story, and so it is. The entire show is based on a love relationship, but the storyline starts to change towards the middle of the film, such that it has caught almost everybody unaware!As a pianist being transferred to a new music school, Jay got to know a girl and somehow their relationship developed. Of course, when it comes to relationship, there is always jealousy within a girl – no matter how little that may be. The turn of the scenario began when Jay kissed another girl by accident. Jay tried to locate the other girl, but to no avail, and somehow realised it is by no chance, a simple story… She does not exists at that particular space-time dimension, and yet all that had happened are real.

Jay Chou
Jay Chou
Anthony Wong
Anthony Wong
Guey Lun-Mei
Guey Lun-Mei

The actual story began to reveal towards the end of the show. Though, sacrifices were made, but I believe they were made for the true love they both believe in. My recommendation? Oh okay, here are my comments.


  • Recommendation 8/10 (chances are, you will not give that high score if you are not a Chinese, since the cast is made in Mandarin)
  • Comedy – several parts, especially at the beginning, are quite humorous.
  • Scene Analysis – there are lots of twists and turns to the story towards the middle of the show, revealing how what actually is happening. Things that I was expecting turns out to be wrong, and I was taken by how clever Jay Chou has directed the film.
  • Music – the piano competition between him and another student was probably one of the main highlights. I thought that the music scores could have been much more difficult, but I presume they were good enough, as mainly the audience are not great musicians.
  • Ending – anything that relates to space-time issue is always unexplainable. Once again, Jay Chou ended at the scene where he (probably) could not have explained what would happened to his father and the girl’s mother eventually.

That’s enough! I believe I should stop here, or otherwise I would be leaking the juice of the film away. If you have not watched the show, then go and WATCH IT! You are listening from the horses’ mouth. Another important thing to note before watching the film – Do not search the website or ask your friends (who have already watched the show) to tell you what the show is about… you will spoil the fun. Believe me, and it will go no wrong.

Because, you have to enjoy the many twists to the story… Below is a preview of the show

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