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Server Status Looking Strange with mysql failed

October 7, 2009 · Posted in Site Info 

Hosting Server StatusWeb hosting owners, how many of you actually went into the System Status to check out the health of your server?

cPanel is a commonly used application to run web-hosting services. As you can see from the right-hand side, I have taken a screen-shot of the System Status Health. Apparently, one of the applications have failed – mysql.

On the other hand, the server seems to be functioning as though it’s fine. I can’t seem to understand what’s the case and neither do I want to raise another ticket to ask my Service Provider for an answer.

Anyway, it’s always important to make backups of it. Data loss is a really critical thing. No one can afford data loss at this point in time, especially if we are situated in the Information Technology.

Anyway, I hope my Service Provider do something to rectify the “failed” application and revive it soon.

New Update
Good news! One day after I made this post (on October 8th), the System Status seems to have recovered.

Bluehost System Status Improved on the Following Day

Looks like my Web Hosting Service Provider does truly look at comments from its own customers.

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