Should Cristiano Ronaldo Go To Real Madrid?

June 23, 2008 · Posted in English Football 

The question to be answered is, “Should Cristiano Ronaldo, the world class football star, go to Real Madrid?“. Initially, it seems like a tough call, but as time passes, the answer seems to have enlightened itself.

The No. 7 Manchester United winger has scored a massive 42 goals in a single season, one that beats a record previously held by George Best. Having won both the Premiership title and the Champion League trophy, it seems that he has already achieved what he desired to do when he first stepped into the English Premiership.

Loyalty aside; ask any of the players and they would tell you how much they would have preferred to stay with Manchester United. However, there is always a time to come when players are just pawns on a chessboard. Should Ronaldo stay with Manchester United, there is always this pressure of having to repeat the feat which he has produced so impressively this season in 2007/08. Moving to another place would probably lift that pressure off his shoulder. And don’t forget, he’s still a boy in his 20s, and there is great potential in front of him to become the best, if not, have become the best.

The move to Real Madrid is inavoidable. With the spanish giant willing to fork out a large sum of money (close to GBP 80 million), the temptation is just too great to refuse. Even should he not be performing in the team, he could well easily earn revenue from advertising. Moreover, Real Madrid normally has a clause stated in the contract that allows them to “receive” a part of the advertising fee that the players earn. I would call that tax. Back to financial analysis, the players get to earn his cash, Manchester United on the other hand gets to recoup some of the debts that The Glazer family has plundered the Red into; don’t get me wrong, I am very supportive of the Glazers as they have shown utmost support to the club as much as any fans would do. It is certainly very encouraging, especially as far as the management is concerned.

Team mates are urging him not to go. On the other hand, there are also potential future team mates that are urging him to go. Think about the Neville brothers, when Phil Neville joins Everton. Think about David Beckham, who was unfortunately to have fallen apart with Sir Alex Ferguson and thus sentenced to Real Madrid. That was considered to be a light sentence, knowing that he could have gone somewhere else. Furthermore, there is also Alan Smith, whos is now playing with Newcastle. Hence, what does all these tell; players do move on in life (and in career).

Who would not really want to see Cristiano Ronaldo in the Manchester United team? Well, I would say almost all, even his opposition defenders, but maybe with the exception of one – The Big Phil, Scolari. Having under the coaching in the Portugal national team, it seems that there has been a lot of psyching going on by the Brazilian. This is nevertheless expected, since Scolari is going to become the next manager in charge of Chelsea. Knowing the expectation of the Russian billionaire, nothing must stand in his way and all the football titles. The Russian wants this, and the Brazilian knows this. Tactically, Scolari hopes the younger Portuguese winger don’t terrorise his team with his sublime skills; on the other hand, Ronaldo feels the pressure of the Brazilian tactician knowing his weaknesses, and when to be exploited. Both stands in the face of a very exciting play, but may probably bow out due to reputation at stake.

In today’s society, there is no more Ryan Giggs. Such are as rare are gems. It was historically shown that when players are bought by Manchester United, they are either sold at the end of the day, or perhaps ended their career to take up management or coaching. Examples are David Beckham, Eric Cantona, Andy Cole, Dwright Yoke, Ruud van Nisterooy, Diego Forlan, etc.

Many fans must be pretty upset with the words that Cristiano Ronaldo has said over the last couple of days. But, face up to reality, if the money, fame and challenges are there for the taking, you are very unlikely to be the second Paul Scholes, the guy I truly respected as a football genius.

The last thing which I felt about the move is happiness. Keeping an unhappy player with the team is never a good move; it demoralises the other players. The team is as happy as the least happy player; that what makes up a good team. Sir Alex will understand this after his many years of player management. Might as well strike when the iron is hot (get the best bargain in the market) rather than waste time, efforts and resources and gets nothing in return.

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