Singapore General Hospital Trip

September 10, 2007 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Cafe AngsanaNo, there is nothing wrong with me. I was merely accompanying my mother to the hospital for a routine check up. Since my father is busy at work, it would be appropriate that I bring her to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), or should I say, I am tagging along.

It has been raining since the day I stepped out of the house at half past 8 in the morning. Three hours later, I am sitting at a cafeteria (Cafe Angsana), waiting for her. I brought along my laptop, just to keep me company and to write my thesis. *sigh* Some good signs – I am into Chapter 6 (skipped Chapter 5) and it is almost complete, I hope.

I ordered a bowl of Mee Rebus, a Malay dish, at the cafeteria. Though it costs only $2.50, I forgot if I had enough money in my wallet. Just as I looked, I was lucky to have $4 (two $2 notes) within. So, I have just finished my Mee Rebus, and probably might get myself a cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, I am unable to publish this post, as there is no Internet service here (I’ll probably backdate this post). Looks like it is going to be a really wet weather for the entire day.

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