Singapore Skyline of Seng Kang

March 8, 2009 · Posted in Pictures 

Skyline of SingaporeThe skyline of Singapore was taken using the Nokia E71, my new-found gadget of the year. The evening view that overlooks the Singapore railway tracks in Seng Kang, was pleasing and relaxing.

Looking from afar, the look was astonishing and a grand beauty; the only drawback is that the picture resolution was not at its best, when captured from the Nokia E71, under poor lighting condition.

Nonetheless, the foreground covers the greenery of the local scene, and the background is sublimed into a mild orange-purplish dusk. The dense forest at the middle is clearly industrialised by the network of tracks interconnecting each other. To complete the icing on the cake, the three local buses are running perpendicular with respective to one another at the T-junction.

The picture would have been better if it was taken with brighter background.

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