Singaporean Girl Taking Picture in the Middle of the Road

January 13, 2009 · Posted in Pictures 

Singaporean Girl with Camera Taking PictureThis is not something that you would see everyday, or to be precise, every night. Last week, I was walking towards Tampines Interchange and as I was about to cross the road, I noticed a Singaporean girl attempting to snap some pictures of on-coming cars.

However, she did it in a pretty safe manner – she waited for the traffic light junction to turn red, so that the car stopped. It follows that she went to the middle of the road to take some quick snap-shots of the cars.

Perhaps, she did it too quickly that she did not realise I had a Nokia camera phone with me to take down her action. It merely took me less than 2 seconds to change my phone mode to camera mode, captured the action and switch back to music mode. (Click on the picture to view a larger image).

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