Skipped Lunch

December 22, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

LunchBeginning of today, I am supposed to be on leave, except that I have to return to office because of IT issues. Therefore, I came to work as per normal, only with the exception that it was more relaxed as there are quite a number of people who are already on leave.

Due to having to resolve the IT issue, I was without my laptop for a few hours, say during lunch time. However, during that period of time, I did not go for lunch as I was dealing with some other matters; by then, my laptop was already done and prepared for me.

I have totally skipped lunch. Doesn’t seem healthy, but at least I’m glad that goal was achieved. Right now, I am feeling a little hungry, but I try not to do that as often in future. Whilst writing on this post, I am actually sitting on the MRT.

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