Slowly Nursing My Backache to Recovery

January 22, 2009 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Backpain and BackacheLast Friday, I hurt my back when I had a sneeze. Apparently, it has not yet recover. For quite some time, I have been restraining myself not to sit too long on a chair, and also to do some back stretching (inside the office toilet) so that my back does not get affected too badly. However, it has been 1 week and the pain has not gone away. I think that is probably because of the brittle bones that I have – lack of Calcium.

With Chinese New Year coming up in a few days’ time, I hope that this unfortunate thing do not become a problem, as I would be required to go house-visiting. Technically, I could not do that last weekend, as standing up is as tough as lifting a boulder. I could feel the entire tendon stretched at my calves and thighs.

Now, it is much better, but not completely fine. I still have to be more careful when sneezing. I worried that one of these days, a sneeze could easily paralyse my entire body!

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