Solved FireStats Database Issue

June 25, 2008 · Posted in Site Info 

Recall about a few weeks ago that I encountered some niggling problem with FireStats plugin on my site, and that prompted me to submit a ticket to FireStats. The problem was not solved until yesterday.

I am still unable to find out the source of the issue, but what I did was find a walkaround solution to re-implement FireStats back onto my website. Hence, with the plugin back live yesterday (of course with the historical data completely erased), I am very delighted! The conversation I had with Omry, FireStats developer, and BlueHost support was as follow:

From Omry:

Hi Keith,

This is a problem with your mysql server, which have an unspecified problem creating the table.

I am not sure what the actual error is, the error code is not very helpful. it could be a permissions issue, out of space issue, bad hard drive or anything else.

in any case – contact your system administrator about this. I don’t think it’s a FireStats problem.

let me know how it goes.

My Reply:

Hi omry,

I’ve submitted a ticket to Bluehost, which will take some time to look into the matter. It sis definitely not an out-of-space issue. I am suspecting if there is anything got to do with plugins conflict.


I don’t think it’s caused by a plugin conflict. just wait for a response from bluehost and lets see what they say.

My Reply:

Hi omry, below is the reply that I received from Bluehost. It suggests a re-installation procedure. Can you advice how to complete remove any related tables from the Database?

“…Thank you for contacting Bluehost support regarding your MySQL table creation problem. I have checked your database and there are no tables for firestats. Although the files are there, I suspect that you may need to reinstall it in order for it to add the required tables to the database…”


if the files are there, but does not appear inside the database, it’s a database consistency problem.

since the database does not have the tables, you can’t uninstall them using any standard SQL tools, and since the files are there, you can’t create the tables again.

so, no – you can’t reinstall FireStats until this issue is resolved.

Ask bluehost to do whatever it takes to make sure you can create the firestats tables (wp_firestats_hits for example).

this will probably require deleting the firetats frm files, but I am not a mysql expert.

Hence, the conversation ended. Apparently, the possibilty of getting either side to help with investigating the MySQL database issue is almost close to zero. BlueHost has asserted that this is an issue from the plugin developer point; whereas Omry felt that the database was corrupted and it should be from the web-hosting support to resolve.

Nonetheless, I decided that since none is going to provide a viable solution, I decided to do some checking on my own. I did not find a solution, but I found an alternative method to use FireStats. What I did was to create a new table using non-WordPress prefix extension, e.g. wpfs_ By avoiding WordPress extension, wp_, the problem is solved – I can use FireStats.

Another happy thing is, 24 hours since the launch of FireStats, I realised that my blog is so highly visited! It has already 1,000 page views! Well, not great compared to large blog sites but remember that this is only a personal blog, who would really come and visit? I’m certainly very curious!

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