Some Light Thoughts in 2014

August 1, 2014 · Posted in Rant Corner 

My ThoughtsHow time flies… I have been introduced to blogging, by a friend from the United Kingdom nearly 9 years ago; and since then, I have never stopped writing posts to keep my interest going. The only difference between now and then was the available time to allow me to blog – I certainly had more time then. It was only during recent years that work has kept me extremely busy. However, you can’t help it sometimes; it’s the job that pays my bill!

In the past, I would write over 10 posts in a month, blogging everything under the sun, ranging from politics to entertainment and financial outlooks. However, I find it extremely challenging to even create one post a month. Tonight is no exception, just that I felt so guilty to myself that I have been ignoring this little interest in me…, such that I decided to pen down my thoughts.

So many things have happened in my life over the last decade, and sometimes when I looked back, how I wished I could turn back time to relive those moments again. On the flip side, not every moment is rosy (I believe you would agree with me), hence the saying that “men are selfish“! This is the most fundamental nature of human beings.

My UK friend quitted his 9 to 5 rat race job in the IT department to be his own boss of a very small online business. It didn’t take him too long to start earning a monthly income of 5-digit figure. All that been said, there is no such thing as a free lunch… Sacrifices had to be made and the journey was certainly rocky at the beginning. It took him persevere, willingness to take risk and plan for backup should anything happen to his business. I would say he is successful today, as a CEO and a founder of Coolest Gadgets. During that time, I was pursuing my degree and I had ambitions to become one of his likes; that is to be able to travel and work wherever I am in any part of the world. Perhaps, what I am lacking is the willingness to take risk, and this unwillingness grew as I aged. So, I am kind of stuck in the 9-to-5 rat race.

Come to think of it, life isn’t so bad after all. I live in a society where there is some level of democracy, there is an abundance of entertainment and lifestyle in this small country of Singapore. Amenities are one of the best in the world, and I stay in the world’s most expensive city, according to 2014 reports. Last, but not least, I have a wonderful family.

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