Starhub Mobile Broadband – Poor Quality Connection at KK Hospital

November 10, 2011 · Posted in Rant Corner 

StarhubSubscribed to one of Starhub’s Mobile Broadband plans, I tried accessing Internet for the whole of today (including tonight) at KK Women and Children’s Hospital, but felt that the network quality is really bad.

Pages were taking minutes to load, and as if I have stepped backwards into the days of using dial-up connections. I would even say that my 56.6kps dial-up would have easily outperform this current wireless connection.

Well, one could argue that it may be due to the spot that I am located, which is blindsided from the access point. Or that, I could be located in a room that is shielding from electromagnetic interference. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Clearly, I am just sitting right beside the windows, where I have a clear line of sight of the road in front of the building.

This is utterly disappointing. Could Starhub be throttling my upload or download speed, which is something that have been used to doing so on wired platform?

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