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Summon by Traffic Police

June 6, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Summon TicketToday must be an extremely unlucky day! If should I have known, I would have stayed in office and not take medical leave.

I did not encounter just one unlucky event. I’ll talk about the police incident later. Just a moment ago, I wanted to visit the clinic to see a doctor. I was about 6 minutes later, after looking at my watch.

Whilst on my way home, I was caught by a traffic policeman for jay-walking. Interesting, there was not many people on his list of offence, but it seems I was one of the few rare ones. Is it because I am more well-dressed than others, e.g. aunties or uncles, that’s why they (traffic policemen) I was a victim of target.

Undeniably, there is probably nothing I can do if he were to start writing my name down. By the way, it’s not cheap for a 3 metre walking distance that constitute jay-walking.

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