Sunday Video Post – Sensei and Backflip

November 16, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

Back FlipIt is a hot, peaceful Sunday afternoon. The climate is not so humid and it’s relatively calm and tranquil. Anyway, I have here 2 video clips – sent across to me by my friend, which I found them pretty nice to entertain you for a few minutes. Do enjoy them!

Video Clip 1Sensei [2.6MB]

Check out the funny part towards the end when the apprentice has mastered the arts of quick hands; but still failed to win his master (sensei).

Video Clip 2Backflip [1.2MB]

An amazing feat that probably took years to master! Such is an art to be astonished as the acrobats made them look so simple and easy. In actual fact, it is not that easy.

Have a great Sunday!

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