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November 24, 2007 · Posted in TJC Related 

Site e-MotionThe web is not a secure place; yes, I mean it. A friend of mine, Christopher Tay, managed to trace my blog site, not exactly sure how he did it, but I believe he made a couple of searches from his favourite search engine, Google – to find his way here.

As far as I know, I have kept this blog on an extremely low profile, apart from the search engine, which I allowed spiders to crawl my site; I did not really mention to anybody about it.

Anyway, something about this surprise visitor. He is my schoolmate back in the junior college days, and then as a room mate in one of the local universities. Now, he’s a research scientist-to-be, working in France.

His background was in Computer Science, whereas mine was in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In spite of that, we shared almost common ideology when doing our research; for my case – Gaussian process prior models; and in his work – applications into using Bayesian modelling.

Unfortunately, there is little chance for us to work together on similar topic; but I guess he’s on his way to become a professor. As for me, I am still counting my days as I move on in life.

I recalled that not long ago, Physicists claimed that time is no longer in a single dimension, something that has deludged human thoughts for centuries. Why can’t time occur as a multi-dimensional variable? Well, I do completely agree with this theory; but it’s not for me to prove it.

In addition, time has always being known as a scalar variable (recall your High school science?). Is that going to change? In order for it to be a vector, it means time-travel into the past. This is likely to deal with quantum theory, which spurred the evolution of time as a vector space instead. Now, if that is possible, we are talking about particle moving faster than the speed of light, c = 3.0 x 108 m/s. Possible?

Remark: Nothing is impossible… centuries ago, people never dreamt of stepping into space. This is what research is about!

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4 Responses to “Surprise Visitor – Christopher Tay”

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  2. Edwin Singapore Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 on December 9th, 2007 11:21 pm

    Hello, Keith,

    Guess what, I just found your blog! The internet is indeed a small world.

    Hope you are doing well and all the best for your thesis!

  3. Keith Neo United States Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 on December 10th, 2007 8:59 am

    That’s surprising. You have also found your way to my site. Now, I am beginning to wonder how small the Internet regime has become, with the use of Google.

    Thanks, Edwin. I presume you must have ran through the posts before making a comment here. Fingers crossed, just hoping for the best.

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