Switching to Firefox 3.1 Beta 1

October 16, 2008 · Posted in Applications 

This is it! After using Google Chrome (beta version) for a couple of weeks, I can finally test Mozilla Firefox 3.1. I think many users would understand the reason why we are waiting for version 3.1.

In this version of Firefox, Mozilla has incorporated TraceMonkey engine into the web browser, so as to boost the performance of the browsing experience when surfing sites that are highly coded with javascript. In contrast to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome uses V8 engine, which is currently known to have a great speed advantage over Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x versions and earlier. Of course, there is nothing much to mention about Internet Explorer 8, as Microsoft has so far remained very quiet about this browser war. Perhaps, they’re waiting to see who will gain a foothold from this battle, before embarking on their own trademark browser by dominating the software market with pre-loaded Internet Explorers, totally unoptimised.

Ranting aside, my experience with this new Firefox version is…. GREAT!

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