Free Breeze Washing Detergent in Mailbox

September 26, 2010 · Posted in Anything · 2 Comments 

Last Wednesday, when I came home and opened my mailbox, I got quite a pleasant surprise! I can assure you that this freebie do not come by everyday – there was a box of Breeze washing detergent in the mailbox.

Mind you, it is a box containing a bottle (not just sachets). Perhaps, I got too used to seeing letters and bills inside the mailbox that I became too petrified to look forward to it. However, I guess the pleasant surprise has changed my mindset.

I also heard from my other family members, who told me that they received this too… Ah! Looks like the company is marketing quite heavily on this product. If you are using or have used this, feel free to comment, I’d love to know how good it is.

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