Some Light Thoughts in 2014

August 1, 2014 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comments Off on Some Light Thoughts in 2014 

My ThoughtsHow time flies… I have been introduced to blogging, by a friend from the United Kingdom nearly 9 years ago; and since then, I have never stopped writing posts to keep my interest going. The only difference between now and then was the available time to allow me to blog – I certainly had more time then. It was only during recent years that work has kept me extremely busy. However, you can’t help it sometimes; it’s the job that pays my bill!

In the past, I would write over 10 posts in a month, blogging everything under the sun, ranging from politics to entertainment and financial outlooks. However, I find it extremely challenging to even create one post a month. Tonight is no exception, just that I felt so guilty to myself that I have been ignoring this little interest in me…, such that I decided to pen down my thoughts.

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