Drive Meter 4.3 – Windows Desktop Gadget

February 16, 2014 · Posted in Applications · Comments Off on Drive Meter 4.3 – Windows Desktop Gadget 

Drives Meter Gadget for Windows DesktopWhen Microsoft introduce Windows XP, a lot of developers were keen to make use of the desktop feature to illustrate live feeds. Then, comes along Windows 7, which fully embedded gadgets as part of its installation. Since then, I cannot remember when Microsoft decided to discontinue the support of gadgets, and hence no apps is now available on Microsoft site.

Nevertheless, there is no lack of useful desktop gadgets out there, developed by external developers, and one of them is Drives Meter (see image on the right). It shows how much is my hard disk is being utilized at any point in time. Currently, this is hardly anywhere to be found, except maybe on the developer’s home page and I am not sure if the latest version out there is authentic. Nevertheless, I have one that’s running well on my Windows 7 machine and decided to share the link below.

Download Link: Drives Meter version 4.7 (160kB)

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