Giving the Site a New Look

March 10, 2013 · Posted in Site Info · Comments Off on Giving the Site a New Look 

Black Lucas theme

For years, I have been using the same theme, heavily customized with lots of codes and stuffs. Then, I tell myself – time has changed; it’s either I stay ahead of the trend, or risk falling behind. This is particularly true when mobile devices are getting smaller, web developers are switching to using HTML5 instead, and tablets and becoming more commonly used across all segments of users.

Switching WordPress Theme can be an easy thing to do; but with lots of customization done previously, it has made it quite a challenge. One of the challenges I have to answer myself is, should I forgo some of the old scripts that were implemented in the previous theme. The answer is Yes.

Change is only as effective (and efficient) only if we let go the old stuffs. Without delay, I turned on the new theme, “Black Lucas“, after going through a couple of shortlisted themes. I like the font type, it’s clean and highly flexible. Going forward, it is just keeping the site optimized for speed and look.

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