My iPad 2 Finally Upgraded to iOS 7

November 16, 2013 · Posted in Inventory · Comment 

Apple iPad 2

Nearly 2 years ago, I purchased an Apple iPad 2 directly from Apple Store, more as a Christmas present. At that point in time, my iPad was pre-installed with iOS version 5, which over a period time I upgraded to iOS 5.0.3 when Apple rolled out new upgrades. However, I stopped at the last version of 5.0.x, primarily because there were a lot of review articles mentioning poor battery management after 5.1.x was introduced. It never really got fixed (although some users did claim their iOS devices were functioning well after the fix was applied). I never felt confident at that time.

Remember about a year ago, Apple introduced iOS 6; which was showcased by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs stepped down. Instead of bringing more innovation to the users, I find that this version was carelessly rolled out and “fault” in a way, that Tim Cook has to apologized publicly to the users for the inconveniences it caused.

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Purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan for iPad

December 5, 2012 · Posted in Inventory · Comment 

Last year ago, I purchased an Apple iPad 2 from its Online Store, and before it turns one-year old on 14th December 2012, I took up AppleCare Protection Plan to extend the warranty coverage for my iPad device.

Costing mere $118 Singapore dollars, I truly believe it will be a great buy as it provided additional level of protection for another one more year. I can share my own personal experience with Apple Support Phone helpline, where the agent gave really professional help to me, despite I am only covered under limited warranty.

I would not have recommended the Protection Plan, if it’s not because of the Customer Service of the Phone representative. Furthermore, there’s added coverage under this plan.

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Google Chrome Browser for iPad and iPhone

June 30, 2012 · Posted in Applications · Comment 

20120630-142455.jpgI happened to be browsing through the news today on Channel News Asia, before I came across the article announcing that Google has released an iPad and iPhone app on Apple App Store – the Chrome browser.

Without hesitation, I downloaded the Chrome app on my iPad 2 and started using it right away. This could not have come at the right time as being a user of Apple, but I don’t particularly enjoy Safari browser. Google simply gave me an option.

My experience was simply a breeze. It started with installation of the app through the Apple App Store, which took less than a minute over wifi. Setting up the configuration is also very user-friendly. It allows users an option to disable sending of data or information back to Google, or simply known as opt-out capability. The settings were easily configured without much challenges.

Well, needless to say, I’m enjoying every part of Chrome on iPad right now. You should too,

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First WordPress using iPad

December 23, 2011 · Posted in Inventory · 1 Comment 


Last week, I made a purchase online from Apple Online Store for an iPad 2. Guess what, the transaction was so smooth that I hardly feel there was going to be any issue. The purchase was submitted on Tuesday, and Apple delivered it promptly within 3 working days (Thursday), right at my doorstep.

Let’s see how it goes for the next couple of weeks.

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