July 1, 2011 · Posted in Entertainment Industry · Comments Off on Pitbull 

Pitbull, the American rapperAfter several months, I finally found the real reason why I have so many visitors coming to my blog site, particular on to this Pitbull page. Visitors coming in have generated quite a substantial amount of traffic and honestly, I thought it was just cool.

Even today, Pitbull is listed as the top search key word on my site, exceeding the next keyword as much as 5 times. Okay, now the truth is; I realised there are tonnes of traffic searching for the American rapper, Armando Christian PĂ©rez, commonly known as Pitbull as his stage name.

I did not know him well until I started listening to some of the recent music hits, such as “Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)” on his collaboration with T-Pain, as well as subsequent collaboration with Jennifer Lopez on her single “On the Floor“.

The bottom line, I am aware of his existence now; and probably, thanks to him for the traffic to my site.

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