Site Statistics Over Past 12 Months in 2013

November 22, 2013 · Posted in Site Info · Comments Off on Site Statistics Over Past 12 Months in 2013 

Top 10 Posts

This week, I decided to review my current site to see what are the top posts that visitors have been accessing. Quite stunning result, yet not surprising, the home page is ranked 4th on the list of most views. Below are the top 3 posts:

  1. NSMen Standard Battle Order and Full Battle Order List
  2. Lambert Academic Publishing
  3. Mobile Broadband Price Comparison in Singapore

It seems that there are tonnes of Singaporean men, who have completed their 2-year National Service cycle and when they returned back to army for their reservist, it is almost we have forgotten who are the items to bring. I pulled out data for one-year trend to see how much this particular post was garnering traffic for the site.

NSMen Post One Year Trend

The highest was found to be in July this year. Nevertheless, I am more than happy to welcome more traffic (of course)! As such, I have updated that post to include more later versions of list to be brought (for detail, access the link)

For the other 2 top posts, I have no idea why they have been popular – the only guess I could make is these are pretty niche content. Unfortunately, I don’t have much resource to update these contents; otherwise, these should be really good revenue-generating traffic sources. (Source: the statistics were obtained from Jetpack, installed with WordPress)

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