Thong Thai Traditional Thai Massage – Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

December 7, 2013 · Posted in Entertainment Industry · 3 Comments 


Do you like Thai massages? If so, then there is one you should not miss (if you are living in Singapore or southern part of West Malaysia). About 4 years ago when I first owned a car in Singapore, I began to explore destination outside the country, and travelling across the causeway to Johor Bahru became one of my hobbies and still is today (except less frequent). One day, I came upon a shopping mall, known as Holiday Plaza, and that was where I learnt about Thong Thai Traditional Massage.

My initial experience was unbelievable great. At that time, the massage parlour was located on the 3rd storey in Holiday Plaza. Nevertheless, it is unlikely you will miss it, as the place took up quite a considerable large floor space. In addition, the entrance is wide and facing the corridor, with banners to identify it clearly. I won’t explain in details, but as compared to some of the local (Singapore) Thai massage parlour, this is one level better in standard. All the masseuses are Thai, and there are also occasional male Thai masseurs for those who require additional strength. As customers, you can indicate your preference, subject to availability. The end result was a vibrant, refreshing me, walking out of the parlour feeling fully satisfied and on cloud nine.

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