My iPad 2 Finally Upgraded to iOS 7

November 16, 2013 · Posted in Inventory · Comment 

Apple iPad 2

Nearly 2 years ago, I purchased an Apple iPad 2 directly from Apple Store, more as a Christmas present. At that point in time, my iPad was pre-installed with iOS version 5, which over a period time I upgraded to iOS 5.0.3 when Apple rolled out new upgrades. However, I stopped at the last version of 5.0.x, primarily because there were a lot of review articles mentioning poor battery management after 5.1.x was introduced. It never really got fixed (although some users did claim their iOS devices were functioning well after the fix was applied). I never felt confident at that time.

Remember about a year ago, Apple introduced iOS 6; which was showcased by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs stepped down. Instead of bringing more innovation to the users, I find that this version was carelessly rolled out and “fault” in a way, that Tim Cook has to apologized publicly to the users for the inconveniences it caused.

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BlackBerry OS 10.2 is Available for Q10, not Z10

October 18, 2013 · Posted in Inventory · Comment 

BlackBerry 10

Today, my colleague just showed me something on his BlackBerry Q10 – he has just upgraded his operating system to 10.2. I thought, that was great! There were some nice features and functionalities that I was pretty impressed with.

Unfortunately, when I tries to perform “Check for Updates” on my Blackberry Z10, I was notified by the device that I am already having the latest version… 10.1?

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