New Reebok Shoes

July 30, 2013 · Posted in Inventory · Comments Off on New Reebok Shoes 

20130730-005213.jpgIn recent weeks, my running shoes decided to give surrender and collapse, leaving the bottom of the sole completely detached from the body. It is understandable especially when I had the shoe for more than 10 years, realizing that it is time to change. However, it is totally embarrassing when it happened right in the faces of several strangers as I walked out of the lift.

Knowing my pair of shoes was about to come apart, I had superglued it the previous day. That evening, I took a lift down to the void deck. As the lift door opens, there were people waiting to get in. I walked out; the moment my left foot left the ground, the sole decided to remain in the lift floor – that stunned several people including a girl who stared with disbelief as though her eyes were about to pop out! Decided that it was truly time to say goodbye, I dispose of my old shoes.

I had to attend in-camp training soon and it isn’t something I would want to wait to get my shoes during in camp; hence, I dropped by the nearest shopping centre near my workplace to look for a decent pair of cheap shoes – Royal Sporting House stood out since there were several discounts going on.

I tested no more than 3 pairs that I had set my eyes on and the conclusion is the one with the best comfort and low cost. I got a blank Reebok running pair of shoes for mere $59, after a 25% discount from the original price of $79. That was a good bargain, though.

With that, it will be a long while before I look for another pair of running shoes.

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