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Considering an Upgrade of Blackberry Phone to Z10

March 30, 2013 · Posted in Anything · Comments Off on Considering an Upgrade of Blackberry Phone to Z10 

BlackBerry Z10Currently, I own a BlackBerry Bold device and have been using it for the last 22 months. Almost 2 years ago, I am intrigued by the security and corporate email capability of BlackBerry devices, powered by Research in Motion (RIM). Unfortunately, the growing use of enterprises tapping into BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach has steered users away from BlackBerry to other alternative devices, such as Samsung S3 or Apple iPhone. To ensure maximum security and data protection of using personal devices for corporate purpose, SAP has also introduced SAP Afaria to the market a few years ago. Anyway, the topic here is solely about BlackBerry and its new flagship OS 10 – installed on its latest roll-out of BlackBerry Z10.

Over the past few months, I have been contemplating to switch away from BlackBerry devices; but what prevented me from doing so are 2 things: the up-coming innovative Z10 powered by BlackBerry OS 10, and 2-year contract tied to the current device. I supposed it’s more of the latter that happened to be a show-stopper. Nevertheless, the contract renewal period is open for me, and just in time, Z10 is rolled out to Singapore market – this is the time to truly review what BlackBerry has done over the course of company restructuring and delaying its flagship release for almost a year.

I think users are tired of reading reviews after reviews; they are almost the same stuffs rewritten in a different approach. It supports 4G LTE, capacitive touchscreen keyboard that is on par with iPhone’s, expandable MircoSD slot up to 64GB, Bluetooth version 4.0, NFC (Near Field Communication), Dual core processor that never performed any poorer than Samsung’s octa-core or quad-core devices, etc.

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My Next Mobile Phone in 2012

September 29, 2012 · Posted in Inventory · 1 Comment 

iPhone 3GS

In my previous posts, I have been using iPhone 3GS for almost 3 years; in other words, my contract with existing service provider, MobileOne (M1), is already long up and I am eligible to renew my contract.

For the past 9 months, I have been waiting for iPhone 5 to be released. My excitement skyrocketed when Apple finally announced the release of the latest device. After it hit the store and listening to reviewers, I was utterly disappointed and completely despair in both its hardware and newest iOS 6. Even Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has to issue an official apology to the public. Landscape competitiveness has taken over the tradition of customer experience.

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iPhone 5 – To Buy or Not To Buy

September 24, 2012 · Posted in Inventory · Comments Off on iPhone 5 – To Buy or Not To Buy 

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 was officially announced on September 12th 2012 by Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple. All the hype about the new generation of iPhone has ended with much disappointment to many.

First of all, it was more of a hardware upgrade rather than new innovation, i.e. a faster A6 processor, better camera for taking panoramic pictures, longer size to accommodate 5 rows of icons. The introduction of LTE network support was consistently known by the public as 2-year old technology. In addition, Apple replaced Google Map apps on iOS 6 (which comes preinstalled in iPhone 5), and removed YouTube app; both apps owned by Google, sending a message out that it will cease to partner with them on developing apps and start to rely on its own technology.

In spite of all these, Apple managed to exceed Pre-order quota within 60 minutes upon the opening of iPhone 5 sales online. Worldwide, it achieved 2 million orders! This has caused Apple to announce the delay in delivery of iPhones due to overwhelming orders.

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