GMail Sending Junk Mails

March 15, 2011 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comments Off on GMail Sending Junk Mails 

GMailWhat is really going on with Google Mail (“GMail“) these days? For some reasons, emails were sent from my GMail account without my knowledge. There are 2 possibilities from this incident.

Firstly, my account has been compromised such that hackers (or spammers) were able to access to my GMail account to trigger SendMail commands. Not that they got access to my password, but it probably went through some backdoor.

Or secondly, hackers (or spammers) have managed to create programs that send mail directly from a third party source (at the same time completely hide the source information), make it seems that mails were sent from my account.

Either way, it was a compromise of security and I think Google has the rights to stand up to restore parity to the system security and confidentiality.

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