Mr Lee Kuan Yew Remains Critically Ill in ICU

March 20, 2015 · Posted in Anything · 1 Comment 

Lee Kuan Yew

Former Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, remains critically ill at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), since admitted on February 5th, 2015, due to severe pneumonia. According to AsiaOne news, his condition has deteriorated further since admission.

His wife passed away five years ago on October 2010.

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Singapore Declares 7th August 2015 A Public Holiday For SG50

March 14, 2015 · Posted in Anything · Comments Off on Singapore Declares 7th August 2015 A Public Holiday For SG50 

SG50Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The road for the last 4 decades was tough, as our forefathers started building the nation to be one of the developed countries in the world. There is the world-class Changi Airport, one of the busiest shipping port, multi-racial living in harmony – all not to be taken for granted.

To commemorate this special day, the Singapore government has announced 7th August 2015 to be a public holiday in Singapore for this year.

Minister Heng Swee Keat, Chairman of the SG50 Steering Committee, said “It is a time for us to show appreciation to our pioneers, to strengthen our ties as one big Singaporean family, and to celebrate all that is special, all that we love, about our home.

Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore!

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GST Voucher in October 2014

October 31, 2014 · Posted in Economy · Comments Off on GST Voucher in October 2014 

GST LogoAs a Singaporean citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), life shouldn’t be that bad. Despite the inflation happening all around the world, prices have been going up in this small island of Southeast Asia. The Singapore government has introduced GST Voucher quite some time ago, and it has still been on-going until today.

In the month of October, I have received a U-Save rebate of S$55 to offset my utilities bill (Singapore Power Services). This is quite significant, considering that U-Save is given out every quarter (the last time I received was in July 2014). Needless to say, it goes by the Flat Type that you are staying in. A smaller size apartment, e.g. 1-room flat, would receive much more U-Save rebate amount as compared to a larger size apartment.

For more information, please visit this site.

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Apply Balloting for Singapore NDP 2014 Tickets

May 17, 2014 · Posted in Anything · Comments Off on Apply Balloting for Singapore NDP 2014 Tickets 

NDP 2014

Application to ballot for National Day Parade (NDP) tickets is now open at its website. Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible to apply for tickets, either to see the Preview on August 2nd, or the actual day on August 9th, at the Float@Marina Bay.

Applicants can choose to ballot for two, four or six tickets, which will be allocated via an electronic ballot system. Each NRIC holder is limited to one application regardless of the mode of application. If multiple entries are made, only the latest will be entered into the system. Upon submission, applicants will be presented with the following screen, which you can print it off.

NDP 2014 Ballot Submission

Successful applicants will be notified through the contact number they provide in the application from June 5th to 14th and are to accept the tickets via an SMS reply. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit of tickets.

It is also important to note that the NDP tickets (including Preview tickets) are strictly not for sale.

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Happy National Day 2013, Singapore!

August 9, 2013 · Posted in Anything · 1 Comment 

National Day Parade 2013

Happy National Day, Singapore!!!

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Good News on Singapore Budget 2011

February 18, 2011 · Posted in Economy · 1 Comment 

Singapore Budget 2011

To be honest, I wasn’t looking too much into the outcome from Singapore Budget 2011, but news reported from AsiaOne has given me a tinker of interest. Two great news to share here:

  1. All Singaporeans are eligible to receive between $600 and $800 cash, depending on the income level and the housing apartment. Unfortunately, individuals who stayed in expensive houses are only eligible up to $300, despite they could be low earners.
  2. NSmen and NSFs will get an additional $100 of Growth Dividends as recognition for their service to the nation, starting February 2011.
  3. Radio and TV licenses will be removed, with effect from January 2011, due to the reason that it has lost its relevance, as commented by Finance Minister. Refunds will be give to those who have already paid their licenses.

So, it’s not that negative after all. On a side note, I’m sure you agree with me, that we can’t help wondering if this has anything to do with the possible upcoming General Elections.

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