Reducing SPAM in 2013

June 20, 2013 · Posted in Site Info · Comments Off on Reducing SPAM in 2013 

Akismet Spam 2013 H1

According to my Akismet report,it seems that Spam comments and posts have been reducing since the beginning of this year. From my analysis, there are two possible outcomes – a good sign, or a bad sign.

First of all, the improvement of Spam detection technology has managed to catch up with “Spam generators”. In other words, there is almost a redundant effort to generate spams as these are most likely being able to be picked up by technology, such as Akismet. Eventually, that isn’t going to benefit spam creator in any where.

The other possibility is, my site is slowing down; which means, overall traffic is reduced since the beginning of the year. The reduction of traffic easily means spam is unlikely to target my site. This isn’t a great sign for me, simply because I rely on traffic to generate a small amount of revenue on my site.

Now, which is which – the conclusion isn’t clear at the moment. For now, I will have to continue monitor my website for further details.

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