Tempted to Visit IT Show 2009

March 14, 2009 · Posted in Anything 

IT Show 2009 Logo

One of the greatest IT Show in Singapore, the IT Show 2009 is here in town, with 2 more days left. There will be a great deal of electronic bargains on offer. In the Straits Times, I read about the forecast the number of visitors this year to supersede last year’s visit. What an irony, especially when we are all talking about the economy crisis. Where is the crisis?

Anyway, back to the topic; Saturday and Sunday are normally the most crowded times to visit the IT fair, especially during the last day when all goods are reduced in price so as not to have any stocks left over.

What is my take? I was reading a promotion from M1 website that a mobile broadband subscription is having 50% discount offer; that is, one that costs $22 per month costs only $11 per month. Isn’t that a great offer to take advantage of? When signed with a 2-year contract, the total payment tied down is not more than $300. Of course, this subscription cost does not include the initial set up cost.

There should be a lot of other things on offer. Perhaps, I might go tomorrow, having missed the opportunity to go today.

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