The Magic Hour – Hitman Actor Becomes Real

November 16, 2008 · Posted in Films 

The Magic Hour (2008)

The Magic Hour Poster

I caught this movie on board a flight from Singapore to Manchester three weeks ago, and I found this extremely hilariously! The plot was simple, but the beginning phase was a little slow, but as the curtain (film) unveiled, it began to throw out the comedy side of the film. The synopsis of the film is as follow.


Directed by Mitani, the story is about a gangster (Satoshi Tsumabuki) who had an affair with the lover (Eri Fukatsu) of his boss (Toshiyuki Nishida) and was discovered of his actions. As he was about to be put to death, he offered a trade with his boss so as to spare his life; that is, to find him the most secretive hitman of all time!

Of course, he does not know this person at all, and in order to cover up his acts, he hired a no-name actor (Koichi Sato) to impersonate the hitman, since the hitman was never previously seen before. Things became out of control as the actor decides to bring on his script in the show.

I typically like the very initial part when the false hitman was introduced to the gangster boss. Playing by his free-style acting role, the scene was so funny and hilarious.


  • Recommendation 8/10 – For those who enjoys Japanese comedy, this is a film for you. Behold the marvellous acting skills of Koichi Sato.
  • Comedy – There is simply no lack of laughter throughout the film. Along with it, there is also some tense moments.
  • Ending – A little funny towards the end; but still it’s a good interesting ending, to know who the real hitman was.

On the whole, I like the movie!

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