Thesis – Cleared 5th Section of Chapter 4

August 26, 2007 · Posted in Thesis 

Dell Laptop 5150Should I stop or continue? The time is half past 2 in the morning. I promised myself that I will not sleep late tonight, yet I have skipped past the midnight hour. There are couple of good news and bad news.

The good news is that I have finally cleared Chapter 4.5! Though I have to admit it is lame that I took such a long time to complete this one small section, whereas last Thursday, I managed to complete so many sections. Anyway, I am glad that I can move on and that’s the good thing.

The bad news? Hmm, I am having a rather aching backache. It has been giving me some problem, even since I am sitting for long hours. Could that be deal to the lousy chair which I have been sitting on for ages? I don’t know, but for some reasons, I think I need a massage.

Well, work aside. What I have here is a cup of hot chocolate drink (which has already turned cold by now) beside me. Thanks for the drink, which actually kept me company for the rest of the evening.

It is late now, and coming to three o’clock in the morning. I had better pack my stuffs and go to bed.


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