Three-Horse Race Gallops Into Two-Horse Challenge

April 18, 2010 · Posted in English Football 

This weekend’s match is probably one of the most-deciding week of the premiership seasons. Check out the table as of latest status!

Last week, Manchester United was 4 points away from leader, Chesea, and Arsenal was just two points away from Manchester United. With 4 games left, none of the teams could duly afford to lose any remaining games.

Now, this week signifies a different story. Paul Scholes, having signed another one-year extension to his contract produced his masterclass to score the only goal (in the game) against Manchester City, in a derby match away from home. What made it special was its injury time goal, with a few seconds left to whistle.

Chelsea, the favourite to win the match against Tottenham, came crumbling down as John Terry was red-carded for his second yellow card in the match. On the other side, the win for Tottenham strengthened their position to aim for next season’s Champion League start.

Third-placed Arsenal could do nothing, after losing 3-2 against Wigan, as they kissed the title bid goodbye. Arsenal was still leading 2-0 with slightly more than 10 minutes left in the match, when 3 goals within a space of 11 minutes sealed the victory for Wigan. Arsene Wenger may have to start wondering what has really gone wrong.

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