Thunderous Shot by Paul Scholes

April 30, 2008 · Posted in English Football 

Paul Scholes

The night on Tuesday’s Champion League match between Manchester United and Barcelona certainly belongs to no one but Paul Scholes. The midfielder might not be scoring as many goals in a season, compared to several years ago, but this time his goal is as priceless as before to Manchester United when it sent Manchester United to the Champion League Final match.

The thunderous shot was taken to perfection, even the goal keeper felt there is no way he could reach it, despite flying to knock the ball out. It was a vociferous strike, one that reminds the quality of Paul Scholes has in within his capability.

Who might have thought the winner of ’99 was the one to cap a stunning display to knock Barcelona out of the semi-final knock-out stage. One goal is enough, in both legs.

The next destination – Moscow – where the Red Devils will face fellow English team, i.e. either Liverpool or Chelsea, dependent on today’s result. This is the first time in the history of Champion League that the final comprises of an all-English contingent.

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