TJC March Gathering Full Resolution Group Pictures For Download

March 30, 2008 · Posted in TJC Related 

Birthday Cake to Celebrate the March Babies

Here is the link for the download, however do note that you will not be able to open the file as it is password-protected. Check your email for the password.

There are 3 sets of files, approximately 20MB each.

Download File

  1. TJC March Pix 1
  2. TJC March Pix 2
  3. TJC March Pix 3

System Requirement:

  • Web Browser – obviously you have this, otherwise you won’t be able to see this page.
  • Winzip – software to extract .zip file. There also other ZIP-compatible softwares that allow you to extract zip files.
  • Password – Apparently, you need the password to extract the file components.

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