TJC Band Alumni Concert 2008

January 22, 2008 · Posted in TJC Related · 1 Comment 

Temasek JC Alumni

An announcement to all ex- TJCian Symphonic Band members; this year, there will be an Alumni Concert Band set up. The committee has been formed, the conductors and MC for the day have also been chosen and it is now boiled down to getting players to join the band.

At the moment, no piece has yet to be confirmed and the committee is still trying to coming up with a concert name. However, that won’t take too long.

Background Information:
Basically, one of the many purposes of the alumni concert is to help sell tickets to sponsor the TJC Symphonic Band’s tour to Osaka. Apart from that, it is also a good opportunity for ex-TJCians to come together, to relish those years of playing under the same conductor, in the same band room.

Anyway, the details are as follow:

Date: commence on February 23, 2008
Time: at 6:30pm
Venue: at the TJC Band Room.

Date: held on August 2, 2008
Venue: at the Victoria Concert Hall (VCH).

Feel free to drop a comment here if you are looking for more information. I will direct you to the person-in-charge. Last but not least, have a great evening!

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TJC Elephant Badminton League (EBL) Full Resolution Group Pictures For Download

January 21, 2008 · Posted in TJC Related · Comments Off on TJC Elephant Badminton League (EBL) Full Resolution Group Pictures For Download 

EBL - Elephant Badminton LeagueHere is the link for the download, however do note that you will not be able to open the file as it is password-protected. Check your email for the password.

There are 5 folders consisting of images taken from the HK Cafe, badminton session and the post-EBL (Elephant Badminton League) supper.

Download File:

  1. tjcpix.rar [35MB] (rar version)
  2. [35MB] (zip version)

System Requirement:

  • Web Browser – obviously you have this, otherwise you won’t be able to see this page.
  • WinRAR – software to extract .rar file. There also other RAR-compatible softwares that allow you to extract rar file, but this is recommended.
  • After a special request by SH, I have decided to upload a ZIP version for you guys. So, you will need a compatible ZIP program to unzip the file. Note that the password is still applicable.

If you think that the file size is too big for your pathetic, miserable dial-up connection, let me know.

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Badminton Courts Booking WebSites

January 19, 2008 · Posted in TJC Related · Comments Off on Badminton Courts Booking WebSites 

BadmintonDesmond Weller Ong, a friend of our “almost-regular” weekly badminton session, has suggested two links to book for our court. Badminton courts can be booked from community centres or Sports Complex. The links are given below:

Community Centres:

Sport Complex:

Things are just getting easier with online transactions! Note that, these badminton court bookings are only valid for Singapore.

With compliment from the Elephant Badminton League (EPL)! Still wondering how on earth did ZJ managed to come up with such a name…

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Ex TJC Schoolmate Meetup – HK Cafe along East Coast Road

December 28, 2007 · Posted in TJC Related · Comments Off on Ex TJC Schoolmate Meetup – HK Cafe along East Coast Road 

Map of HK CafeIt has been several years since I had a good outing session with my ex-schoolmates from Junior College (Temasek JC) days. We arranged to meet up at HK Cafe, along East Coast Road, Singapore at half past 7 in the evening on Thursday, December 27, 2007 (the location is shown on the thumbnail map).

Thanks to SH, who initiated the meeting. This is probably a good time to meet up because of several reasons.

  • I am back from Europe.
  • KT is also back from Australia.
  • A long time since we last get together.
  • To catch up with Edwin and XY’s Mahjong trade.
  • To celebrate post-Christmas season, but not to forget there are 12 days of Christmas.
  • To have a great laugh at Bear who’s suffering from cold and hunger in the French regime… (sounds like I’ll be pounced and hammered anytime soon)
  • and the list goes on…

The entire session was rather relaxing and full of laughters. It was an exact reminisce of the times during our college days. However, I do feel that the topic is slightly different, with the ladies concentrating more on slimming, gym workouts and yoga. The guys, as usual, on the musical stuffs. In addition, there are a lot of gossiping going on the table… hmm, perhaps I shall keep it a secret here.

We hung out quite late, until thirty to midnight. I shared a cab with KT home, since we stayed quite close to each other.

Disclaimer: Nicknames have been used instead of real name so as to protect the privacy of the people…. but then, who the hell cares anyway! Not as if Bill Gates is meeting us at HK Cafe.

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Justine Tay, not Tey

December 10, 2007 · Posted in TJC Related · 4 Comments 

Tay not TeyIt’s not my fault (pointing fingers to The Sunday Times), they (The Straits Times editors) are the confusing ones….

Hee hee… ok, I’ll cut my crap! I wrote a post about two of my JC friends who had their pictures pastered over the The Sunday Times, because of Mahjong-playing; sadly, I mixed up one of their surnames. (Thanks Edwin for correcting that… – but no thanks as I got someone seeing red)

So, here’s an official apology – but don’t get too angry, afterall you have to understand that all Ah Peks have an issue with memory, not to mention our fingers aren’t that swift to differentiate letters ‘a’ and ‘e’. Being able to switch on the computer is already a challenge!

Ten years ago, I was already an established proclaimed “senior citizen“, enjoying his cup of coffee outside the academy; as I was saying…. my mental capability deteriorates exponential every other seconds; an equivalent of half-life decay. Therefore, ahem… you’ve got accept my reason and excuse me for my poor presentation of that post.

One thing that kept me going, alive and kicking is Mahjong… so where my senility has kicked in, but I am still able to make Thirteen-One and Big-Four.

Sorry about the mix-up, honestly, I feel really bad about it

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JC Friends Published in Straits Times On Mahjong

December 2, 2007 · Posted in TJC Related · 8 Comments 
The Sunday Times

Two old Junior College buddies of mine, Justine Tay Tey and Edwin Phua, have made the Life coverage section of Singapore’s The Sunday Times. It was a surprise to see friends, whom I have not spoken to for years; to have their pictures printed right in the paper.

The topic? About Mahjong. Of course, this may sound relatively traditional, as the game is often precariously stereo-typed with uncles and aunties in their late 30s and above. But no, this game is very much popular with youngsters. A cousin of mine, yet to be in his teens, is able to handle mahjong equally well!

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Surprise Visitor – Christopher Tay

November 24, 2007 · Posted in TJC Related · 4 Comments 

Site e-MotionThe web is not a secure place; yes, I mean it. A friend of mine, Christopher Tay, managed to trace my blog site, not exactly sure how he did it, but I believe he made a couple of searches from his favourite search engine, Google – to find his way here.

As far as I know, I have kept this blog on an extremely low profile, apart from the search engine, which I allowed spiders to crawl my site; I did not really mention to anybody about it.

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