Top Posts Since Start of 2009 Till 20080111

January 11, 2009 · Posted in Site Info 

Top Contents for 1st 2 Weeks of 2009

As a very analytical person, I enjoy keeping track of statistics and data information. This is the same for the website that I am keeping track on. Since my previous post on 2008 report, I am intrigued to find out what are my top posts for 2009, especially for the past 10 days.

Unexpectedly, I have a new list of Top 5 posts, or to be specific, sites. It seems that the OpenSUSE 10.3 on Dell Inspiron 5150 has hit the top gear of over 70 page views, marginally beating the front page by 1 view. The others are more localised in Singapore, on Forecast for 2009 by Ju Xian Guan (that has a link on free Forecast Book for Download) and Chinese New Year Decorations pictures.

If I am not wrong, I have to thank StumbleUpon for referring new visitors to my blog site. If not for that, the daily average hit per day is about 50, most likely from Search Engines.

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