UOB Supports Internet Explorer

March 27, 2009 · Posted in Anything 

UOB Supports Internet Explorer - See Favicon

Well, what can I say? Is it the work of some hackers, or the United Overseas Bank (UOB) IT services people has decided to pledge their loyalty to Microsoft? Whilst I was browsing through some of the local banking websites, this has caught my eyes. Why would a large banking institution replace their own favicon with one that does not even represent their own company?

Of course, one of the reasons could be that the site has just been freshly revamped and therefore, the favicon replacement has been overlooked. Secondly, hackers? Hmm… I would really hope it is not the case of the latter. Thirdly, it’s a end-of-March or end-of-Q1 joke. Anyway, I believe this favicon thing won’t be there for long.

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