Visited SITEX 2008

November 30, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

SITEX 2008 Logo - Your Digital Playground

This year’s SITEX 2008 is held at the Singapore Expo Hall 5 – 6; although I did not initially plan to go today, but decided that I could simply drop by to take a look. I went there by bus, since it was quite near where I stay.

Upon arrival, I noticed a huge wave of visitors – far too much to describe. There were long chains of cars queuing up to enter the carpark. Inside the exhibition halls were also croweded with people, sardine-packed and cramped as people walk through the passage side-by-side, with shoulder-tugging activities a common sight.

Anyway, I ended up buying nothing, although I would have though a digital camera, a light-weight laptop or a 8GB thumb-drive to replace my current 1GB thumb-drive. Nevertheless, with this so-called economic recession occuring throughout the world, it is almost unbelievable that people are still spending like mad. Where’s the recession?

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