Wayne Rooney Signs 5-Year Contract with Manchester United

October 23, 2010 · Posted in English Football 

It started about one week ago when the relationship between England star striker, Wayne Rooney, and Manchester United started to drift apart when the former claimed that the club is meeting him ambitions. Sir Alex Ferguson rubbished his claims and reinstated that Manchester United has a rich history with trophies won from various competitions.

Everyone, including the tabloids were determined that Wayne is on his way out of Old Trafford; until the news release on Friday morning shocked the whole world. That boy, Wayne, probably has no idea how big a club Manchester United is, by staging a contract negotiation through his agent using such means.

The new 5-year contract will see the striker stay on at Old Trafford up to 2015 (by then will be 11 years with Manchester United). It was reported that the new contract ensures he receives £160,000 a week, up from £90,000 a week in his previous contract.

At the end of the day, what does it show? Unless Manchester United pays him what he wants, he’s not going to sign the new contract, which I believe the previous offer was not that much, until Wayne and his agent met with Sir Alex Ferguson, the Glazers (owners) and David Gill (CEO) to resolve the issue and put it to bed.

What does this tells us?

Firstly, football clubs are no longer the powerhouses (including top clubs) to determine the situation (unlike the past). Also, not the footballers themselves; but rather the footballer agents. This episode witnessed Wayne’s agent masterminding his exit as a ruse to get him a higher salary. As agent, of course he gets paid a commission from that amount.

Secondly, the Glazers still show their utmost support during the darkest hours. Despite the huge debt incurred by Manchester United; although not publicly mentioned, the fund is made readily available for the club and manager to finance the player. I believe they see the true ability in the player to agree to the budget.

Thirdly, Sir Alex Ferguson remains to mystify the fans, showing what he can do, when all odds are against him. Based on the news before Friday, it is almost impossible to see Wayne staying on; but the “u-turn” has demonstrated against the law of physics. It just bewildered top managers, like Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea), Arsene Wenger (Arsenal), Roberto Mancini (Manchester City), Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid), etc.

Fourthly, honour and loyalty in young players rarely exist today. The likes of Paul Scholes, Ryan Gigg and Gary Neville are gone with the wind. Today is all about businesses and money.

Finally, image no longer matter when it comes to negotiation. It happens everyday today; but the truth is, the public relation is handled poorly in this case.

What Wayne needs to do now is to stop talking to the media and let his feet do the talking in the field – if he is sincere to recapture his popularity with his fan.

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