Weird Attack on My (Bluehost) Site

February 11, 2010 · Posted in Site Info 

Something weird is happening to my site. Over the last 7 days, I noticed a huge influx of traffic communicating to and fro my site. According to the graphical status (shown above), it seems to have nothing to do with HTTP or any other form of genuine traffic type.

This is rather worrying. The trend is also particularly interesting. Is demonstrates a saw-tooth waveform, peaking at certain time of the day before dipping back to the lowest.

I also did a quick check on the IP address; true enough, it came from one source – Russia. It also follows that the source is targetting one domain; that is (this site). I think it is about time that I do something before I get booted by Bluehost.

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One Response to “Weird Attack on My (Bluehost) Site”

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