Where Does All Those Spams Come From?

July 24, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner 

I wonder, who is so free to keep sending spams to other people? It doesn’t happen once a week, in fact it happens practically almost every hour, or even every minute! Is it some kind of bots that is creating havoc? Or is it some human being displaying their skills of being able to send junk stuffs to as many people as they possibly could?

No answer to that; but I do believe some users actually made use of programming language to send spam messages across blogs and websites. That also includes emails and attachments that you receive in your inbox.

There is a thrill of emptying the junk folder, because it shows how powerful the junk detector is. Nonetheless, what about others who do not use any form of junk detection application? Sounds terrible isn’t it?

Just like anti-virus programs, spam blockers are a must in our daily applications.

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