Where is Joe Augustin’s New Blog?

January 18, 2009 · Posted in Radio 

Radio Star Joe AugustinWhen Joe had officially left FM 91.3, it sparked a new commotion amongst Singaporeans, feeling a sense of uneasy not able to hear the most notorious, yet heart-warming voice over the broadcast. A blog was the immediate result of their departure – Joe and Petrina.

Nonetheless, Joe managed to find his next cup-of-tea joy with Power 98 FM station, and it was not too long we heard him blabbering on air with Hossan and Shareen. Well done to him!

Several months later, I have been keeping track of his blog site, but it seems that site about Joe and Petrina is no longer frequent by people. Is there a new blog site that you are running, Joe? I would really like to hear you on air, as well as on the blogging side.

The great thing that I found about you blogging is this particular post. So, hopefully I can find you some days and catch you online in the blogging industry.

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