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Will I Run Out of Things To Blog?

September 30, 2007 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Question MarkI knew one of these days, I would pop myself this question. What can I blog about next?

Finding a topic to talk (or blog) about is not easy, although everything under the sun can be a topic. However, it has to be the right mixture of ingredient to be applied for one that differentiate a successful blog site from another that is not attracting enough traffic.

Take for example, a person have started writing blog at a young age of 16. The type of content will tend to change as time passes, particularly as the author gains more knowledge and understanding – and without a doubt, a change of interest.

Other professional bloggers, for example the Coolest Gadgets Site has a different perspective from personal bloggers who talk about their own personal life.

Anyway, I seem to have run out of words to fill up this post… Isn’t that an irony?

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