Windows Internet Explorer 8 Temptation

March 29, 2009 · Posted in Applications 

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 has finally been released. Although I might have mentioned before that we should avoid using it, as an avid Internet user myself, I cannot help but feel tempted to give this a try; the same that I had for Google Chrome.

There are various new features in this release, as compared to past version 6 and 7 of Internet Explorer. Of course, I would have preferred to use this than version 7, which I felt really annoyed about, and decided to completely switch back to version 6 instead. It follows that, if I were to install a completely new Windows XP Operating System, I will not hesitate to remain at version 6.

Because I have not tried version 8, I definitely felt the shear temptation to do so. However, I need to take this really carefully, because one wrong move could completely break my entire operating system. So, the question for me is, to move or not to move?

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